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Monday, September 14, 2009

Wow so yummy! Hisssssss...

These were the sounds overheard from the last "Taste of UIC" festival.
The smart bird predicts a sell-out of Indian food and a great profit! "Surely the other stalls will view the Indian stalls with envy!" it says.
If you haven't yet heard about this festival called "Taste of UIC" you surely haven't met the bird or the birds you should be meeting.
"What is that thing? Paa... Pae... Paav Bhaa-jee?"
Trust me, it was tough to get many non-Indians to pronounce the names of our dishes but more gratifying and satisfying was the look on their face, their return to the counter and hissing uncontrollably asking for more. Everyone hissed. It was yummy food and slightly decked up on the spice front. The Mango milk shake served helped them not only douse the spice but also enjoy a popular Indian beverage.
This time too, we have great food served at great combo prices!

Come in and give your taste buds a delightful time - something to last at least this semester!
Samosas, Fried Idlis, Pav Bhaji and Mango Milkshake will be waiting for you at the IGSA stall.
there early because we have a reputation of getting sold out.
We welcome the new batch students to come and help us out at the stalls. We need any help that anyone can offer us. This also gives a chance to meet new people, from not only India, but also other communities and nationalities. We look forward to a big number of participation

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kickstart or Kicks started?

The first two days would have given an idea whether it is a kickstart to the semester or kicks started in the semester to most students. I'm hopping from class to class in search of my ideal course (something that gives me an A grade, knowledge, expertise and something easy). It is generally the combination of these expectations that is a mirage! I should finalize my courses and I hope that soon most of you will be able to do so too.

In other news, amidst heated debates and all, the IGSA cricket tournament is progressing smoothly. We'll probably have a report on it coming soon. Other events will be started soon too so we look forward to a great turnout. The enthusiasm should be that of booth capturers though the turnout should be a near 100% I'd say!

These apart, we're looking for ideas and designs for our first ever IGSA T-Shirt. At least to my knowledge this would be the first. At least, first in many years... We welcome ideas from anyone (UIC or not, IGSA or not) though I don't see how if entries don't come from our students, how they will from elsewhere! We'll record the name of the winning entry and make her/him famous! Some cultural events coming up include a Latin American event for which we (IGSA) were invited to put up food stalls.

For those who wish to contribute ideas, you're free to post your comments on these posts or email them to me or uic_incoming. Let's get ourselves a T-Shirt, I'd strongly urge. For a contingent as big as ours and that too of a university as reputed as ours, we should be famous!

Hoping you've had great first two days and that you'll continue to have great days this Fall semester. With anticipation of a great turnout for our events and contributions for T-Shirt designs I sign off.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Things Fall(-2009)ing into place

There must have been a lot of wind and gale as newcomers were preparing to arrive at the Windy city. Some had worries about who was going to pick him/her up. Others had worries like "How many would pick me up?" Needless to say another worry was "Is my host a nice person?"

Now these issues are done and dusted with most newcomers having a rough idea about where to move. For those who have already moved - great! For those who have never considered the topic, wake up or ask for help!
I really don't want to make this article a pain to read by referring to other things. I may write later about those. Some made it, some didn't yet.
The international orientation was done, and the few whom I met came up with not so great feedback. I'm surprised! Humans are never satisfied, eh?
With a few days to go until the start of the semester, what could one be looking forward to?
1 - A great academic session
2 - New style of learning
3 - Hot and/or pretty and/or humorous profs??? (Yes there are! Don't underestimate the profs...)
4 - Regular sports/gym activities
5 - Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ing cold of Chicago in the latter part of Fall semester. (New students should actually enjoy the extreme weather)
6 - UPass!!! (I fall short of words for this wonderful god-send)
7 - Birthday celebrations and other celebrations (You never know what all people may want to celebrate)
8 - Blame game between roomies and/or project partners. Rule: Blame/curse all but yourself for your ineffeciency. ;)
9 - Great grades (Phew!)

Here's what we at IGSA are planning, as most would have heard of, to kick start a great semester. We have sports week coming up. Keep watching this space and the incoming groups for updates. Participate in events and activities with vim and vigor! Other events to look forward to are:
Freshers' night
Taste of UIC

We'll keep you posted for any other event that may come up. Suggestions are welcome.
To end this post, get ready for the start of a great phase of your lives in this land. Keep cheerful and "Let's Roxxx" as our pal Neeraj says! (Don't know why he says it though...)

NOTE: This should hopefully revive the dormant blog site. You should see frequent updates now.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sparsh the Band

Hi All:
Get ready to Get 'Sparshed' !!!
Here are the details of the event ...

Chicago Room
Chicago Student Center West ( formerly known as Chicago Illini Union)
828 South Wolcott Ave.
Chicago, IL 60612

Date: Today, 25th February, 2006
Time: 6 pm - 11pm

Admission free for all !!!

And yeah...fREE FooD too.....

Organizations participating:

Event sponsor:
Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC)

Food sponsor:

For more info on the band visit :

IGSA Board

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Sunday, February 19, 2006


A week to go .... for you to get 'Sparshed'

So, don't miss it !!

Be there to listen n'dance to ur favorite Bollywood numbers of the 70's
and 80's....

Chicago Rooms
Chicago Student Center West (formerly known as CIU)

Date: 25th February, 2006
Time: 6 pm - 11pm

Admission free for all !!!

And yeah...fREE FooD too.....

Organizations participating:

Event sponsor:
Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC)

Food sponsor:

For more info on the band visit :

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Diwali Celebrations - IGSA - Flyer

Monday, October 17, 2005

Diwali Celebrations

GARBA/RAAS (Indian cultural dance) Diwali Celebration - LIVE MUSIC

SAMSA (South Asian Medical Students Association
AIPhA (Association of Indian Pharmacists in America)
IGSA (Indian Graduate Students Association)

proudly presents


WHAT: GARBA, RAAS, BHANGRA (Traditional Indian dances)
WHEN: 7:00 PM on Friday, November 11th, 2005
WHERE: Chicago Illini Union - Chicago Rooms (2nd floor)
828 South Wolcott (Polk & Wolcott)
Chicago, IL 60612
3. FREE LESSONS for those that haven't done garba or raas before

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!!!


*** Funded by SAFC ***

IGSA is also planning a separate event a week before this dance. More info on this soon.